FFR provides communication services tailored to meet your unique needs

Fukuoka Foreign Relations, Inc. (FFR) was founded as a private enterprise in 1982, and incorporated in 1987. Over these 25 years we have provided a wide range of communication services centered around multi-language translation, interpretation and narration, all based on our commitment to flexibility and meticulous attention to the needs of our clients.

FFR is based in Fukuoka, which has flourished through history as a gateway for human interaction and cultural exchange between Japan and the world, emerging in modern times as a leading hub of business and culture in Asia. The rapid globalization of industry and economy in Asia and the world beyond has seen unprecedented growth of international business relations through the IT network. As a result, instant access to accurate information has become vitally important in capitalizing on business opportunities. In this vibrant and dynamic business atmosphere, we offer a wide variety of high quality and reliable services, ranging from handling clients’private matters to managing larger jobs in the fields of industry, government and academia.

FFR is well known for our commitment to providing thorough, accurate, and high-quality language services, allowing us to serve as an integral part of your global business strategy in addition to supporting your personal exchanges. Our language experts are experienced in a diverse range of fields and support our clients with their in-depth knowledge, rich information networks and expertise achieved over time.

With prompt, high-quality, and high cost-performance language services, we at Fukuoka Foreign Relations are looking forward to continuing as your preferred communication service company.

Noriko Iwase
Representative Director
Fukuoka Foreign Relations, Inc. (FFR)