Translation, Interpretation and Narration
▼ Business Line

Translation Services
・Official corporate documents (company articles, contracts, registrations, etc.)
・Certificates (visa applications, legal domicile, notary documents, etc.)
・Administration and legal documents
・Theses, academic journals, and technical documents
・Business and trade documents
・Product catalogues, manuals, and specifications
・Sightseeing brochures and company pamphlets
・Study tour materials, and travel and tourism information
・Commercial copy, VTR scripts and captions
・Literary texts
・Private letters, etc.

Interpretation Services
・Conferences, seminars, and ceremonies
・Trade and technical sessions, and study tours
・Events, tourist guiding, and attendant services

Narration Services
・TV and radio commercials
・Company and product promotion
・Facility guidance and tourism promotion
・Seminars and speeches

International Secretarial Services
・Convention services
・Secretarial services

Other Services
・Presentation support
・Native checking and rewriting
・Data entry

* Please feel free to inquire about any of FFR's services.
* Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.

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